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Jaclyn Ollis - Office Manager

Jaclyn and Dr. Ollis were married in October 2011 and she has been his office manager since 2009 when they first met in Virginia. Prior to meeting Dr. Ollis Jaclyn was an Interior Designer, and knew little about Chiropractic, but over the years has developed a personal appreciation for Chiropractic. 

Jaclyn suffered from migraines, 4-5 times a month, from the age of 15 and was dependent on medication to relieve her pain. When she began working for Dr. Ollis, she received weekly adjustments and started seeing results within weeks. Jaclyn's migraine pain significantly decreased, so much that she no longer has migraines or needs medication. Living without migraines has changed Jaclyn's life and she is dedicated to helping patients receive optimal health through Chiropractic from Dr. Ollis like she did. 

Jaclyn is fully committed to their patients and makes sure they are knowledgeable about the treatments and care they receive in the office. She can answer any questions you may have about insurance, treatments, or Chiropractic in general and wants you to feel at home and like family when you visit Ollis Chiropractic.