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Clarksville Chiropractor Physiotherapy Promotes Pain Relief From Injury


Ollis Chiropractic offers physiotherapy as part of a chiropractic plan that includes natural, non-invasive treatments that help patients alleviate pain, promote healing, and achieve optimum health. Our Clarksville chiropractor Dr. Phil Ollis has an extensive background in chiropractic care, and we have been serving Clarksville, New Albany, Jeffersonville and Folyd Knobs under Dr. Ollis's leadership since 2010. Many of our natural healing treatments are effective for pain management and injury recovery. Physiotherapy is included in those treatments and it has been beneficial for pain relief from injury in a number of situations and as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.

Treatment for Sports Injury, Auto Accident Injury, Personal Injury and Pain Management

Physiotherapy is a type of treatment that uses physical methods for pain management and to assist with the body's natural ability to heal. It can be particularly useful for healing damage caused by a sports injury, auto accident injury, or personal injuries in which muscles, ligaments, and tissues are affected. Treatments that fall into the category include those involving low level lasers, heat, electrical currents, ultrasound and massage. It also includes hydrotherapy and manipulations as well as exercises focusing on the affected area.

Musculoskeletal injuries can benefit from this type of therapy, as can other conditions that result in neck pain, back pain, headache, such as a spinal cord injury. Multiple sclerosis, strokes and other neurological conditions, emphysema, asthma and bronchitis have also benefited from this type of therapy. The exact therapeutic treatment depends on the type and extent of the injury or condition. Our chiropractor can use a combination of methods to treat a particular injury or condition and can also employ methods to supplement other chiropractic treatments to most effectively manage pain, promote healing, and improve a detrimental condition.

Manual therapies offered typically include spinal manipulation and mobilization, stretching and message therapy, all of which use physical movements and manipulation to help with pain management and injury recovery. Electrotherapies generally include nerve stimulation, ultrasound and laser therapy, all of which rely on impulses created by light, sound or electricity to stimulate cell activity and reduce pain. Exercise programs are often part of physiotherapy, with physical activity that can increase strength and endurance as well as corrective exercises that can improve posture and performance. Our Clarksville chiropractor can discuss these and other options that may be able to benefit your particular injury or condition.

Although pain management and alleviation of back pain, neck pain and headache are major benefits of physiotherapeutic techniques, they can also be used to help achieve and maintain optimum health even if you are not in pain. Contact our office today at 812-284-2225 to schedule an appointment, so Dr. Phil can determine a treatment plan that will work best for you.