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Nutritional Counseling

Clarksville Chiropractor Includes Nutritional Counseling for Weight Loss and Wellness

nutrion and weight loss

The chiropractic treatment at Ollis Chiropractic strives to bring you into excellent health when you have problem symptoms and to help you maintain your health through a balanced and sustainable lifestyle. Nutritional counseling is one of the key support services our clinic offers to help you keep your body healthy in the long term. Healthy weight loss can solve many health problems before they even start. Our nutritional response testing can also help you find the dietary habits that will help your body perform and fee its best. 

Wellness and Maintenance Care Involves Nutritional Counseling for Healthy Bodies

At our Clarksville Indiana chiropractic clinic, we go beyond the standard chiropractic adjustments with and encourage a wellness and maintenance care services, including nutritional response testing, to help patients reach an optimal level of health.

Nutritional response testing is a technique that allows the chiropractor to gather information from the responses of your body's reflexes and make recommendations about the nutritional supplements and diet modifications that can address your particular health needs. By testing your body's responsiveness to various pressure points, we can get a rich picture of what nutrients will benefit your body the most. Combining chiropractic adjustments with optimal nutrition complement the healing effects of our treatment to help you shed excess weight, increase your energy and maintain good health. 

Another form of nutritional counseling we offer is detox information for weight loss. Most people consume a rather staggering quantity of toxins through processed foods. These toxins can create all sorts of symptoms that are actually quite easy to avoid with a few lifestyle changes. We'll be happy to talk with you to determine if detoxing is right for you. 

When you start eating differently, it affects every aspect of your life. Our nutritional recommendations, along with a daily exercise routine, will help you start losing excess weight. Healthy weight loss leads to an increase in energy, a lower risk of heart disease and a greater sense of well-being throughout your day. Not only that, but excess weight can add significant stress to your joints and spinal column. Weight reduction makes your chiropractic adjustments far more effective by cutting down the unbalanced stresses that pull your body out of its natural alignment. 

Dr. Phil is ready to gather information and formulate a plan that will help you live out the decisions that will keep you healthy and happy in the long term. Our techniques can eliminate many unhealthy symptoms like chronic pain or migraines, but they can also help prevent the symptoms from developing in the first place. 

We want to make it easy for you to stay healthy and feel great. We'd love to help you figure out the nutritional habits that work for you. Contact our office today at 812-284-2225 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Phil and take the first steps toward a healthier, happier you.