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Pediatric Care

Clarksville Chiropractor Provides Pediatric Care and Pregnancy Care

pediatric and pregnancy chiropractic care

For families who want a natural, drug-free approach to pregnancy care and pediatric care, chiropractor Dr. Philip Ollis can help. As more parents become aware of the dangers of drug therapies, particularly for babies and children, the demand for safer alternatives continues to rise. Dr. Ollis has been providing highly-skilled chiropractic pain management and wellness care for mothers and babies at Ollis Chiropractic here in Clarksville since 2010. He has helped pregnant mothers find welcome relief from back pain, neck pain and sciatica, and he has helped babies suffering from colic, and children suffering ear infections and other illnesses. Our natural, chiropractic approach can help your family too.

Clarksville Chiropractor Provides Natural Help for Back Pain and Neck Pain in Pediatric Care and Pregnancy Care

Because the well-being of the expectant mother is critical for the health of the baby, our pediatric care actually starts with pregnancy care. Our Clarksville chiropractor starts by helping each expectant mother experience a comfortable, healthy, low-stress pregnancy, without the use of painkillers. Through effective pelvic and spinal adjustment techniques, Dr. Ollis helps moms with relief and even avoidance of the common back pain, neck pain and sciatica difficulties of pregnancy, which lowers their stress levels. Keeping the spine and pelvis in optimal position also helps the baby by optimizing blood flow to the uterus. This proactive, natural approach to pain management during pregnancy usually results in an easier childbirth experience for both mom and baby.

Once the baby is born, pediatric care helps the new generation develop and thrive naturally. Because the health of the central nervous system is essential to healthy development, Dr. Ollis can perform spinal adjustments that help even tiny newborns. This has been enormously helpful for pain management with babies suffering from colic, ear infections and other problems. These spinal adjustments on babies are so gentle that they apply about the same amount of pressure that a person could comfortably apply to their closed eye-and yet they help keep the baby's spine properly aligned so that the nervous system can properly work its developmental wonders as the baby grows.

As children grow, it is also important to keep their spines in optimal alignment. Toddlers and small children often fall down and get hurt as they learn to walk and play, so any number of injuries could pull their spines out of alignment. This is often the cause behind "growing pains" they might have, such as leg pains, back pain, neck pain and other problems. As children get older and they play sports, Dr. Ollis can also help them recover naturally after getting injured as well.

Keeping the nervous system healthy through highly-skilled chiropractic spinal adjustments has helped hundreds of families feel better and thrive without the harmful side effects of drug therapies. Call us today at 812-284-2225 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 812-284-2225end_of_the_skype_highlighting to find out more about how we can help your family stay healthy naturally!